The 2021 Kensington Society newsletter has just been distributed

The 2021 issue of the Kensington Society newsletter has just been mailed to all members, but it can also be read and/or downloaded here.

This is something of a bumper issue, 28 pages, whereof 16 pages focus on the commitment to be net zero by 2050 and what this means for Kensington, the UK and the world.

How will we be able to replace 26 million gas boilers within 30 years and insulate 16 million draughty homes by 2035? What are the alternatives and what’s possible for for us in Kensington? How will it be possible to replace fossil fuelled cars, buses, lorries, trains, aeroplanes and ships? What is already happening and what’s just around the corner? And what is RKBC doing about global warming?

But the newsletter also contains a three-page chairman’s report about a very hectic year, a six-page planning report, a page about all the skyscrapers encircling North Kensington – and a Christmas greeting to you all from the young Kensingtonian artist who 178 years ago designed the world’s first printed Christmas card for the Kensingtonian who would make the Great Exhibition a reality for Prince Albert and then created the whole museum area in South Kensington.

Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it!

Published 20/12/2021