The Commons’ Grenfell hearings focus on the future

While the large Grenfell Tower Inquiry is trying to find out exactly what happened during the fire, the House of Commons’ select committee for housing, communities and local government is running a parallell inquiry, focussed of finding ways to prevent another high-rise fire and improve relations between council’s and their tenants. Last week the committee met Grenfell tenants, one of them was Tomassina Hessel (picture).

Grenfell one year later

One year after the Grenfell fire new chocking revelations about the shoddy refurbishment work coincided with the local and national commemorations for the 72 who lost their life.
And it was revealed that only 82 of the 209 dispossessed households have moved to their new permanent homes, while 116 are waiting for their chosen homes to be made habitable.