The 2020 Kensington Society newsletter has arrived!

The 2020 issue of the Kensington Society newsletter has just been mailed to all members, but it can also be read and/or downloaded here.

It’s an issue focussing on Covid-19m (not surprisingly), with seven pages about the effect the pandemic has had and continues to have on local residents and businesses — such as our president, Nick Ross (who caught it), a doctor, a corporate real estate professional, Lidgate’s (the butcher), a violin teacher, a gallery owner, a builder, a headteacher for a primary school, and the staff at the Natural History Museum.

But the newsletter also looks at the local traffic changes caused by Covid-19, including the highly debated temporary cycle lanes on Kensington Church Street, the government’s proposal for a total revision of Britain’s planning and the effects it already has on the council’s new local plan, and – as always – it provides updates to major developments in Kensington.

Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it!

Published 18/11/2020