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Net zero carbon buildings by 2050 – how will we get there?

Tuesday 27 April 2021, 5:45 pm link-in; start 6:00 pm

On-line from you home (or wherever you are at the time)

A key UK government target is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Sounds impressive, but what does this mean to ordinary householders? And just how can it be done?

As a great follow-on from our last virtual lecture, which was about electric vehicles, Chris Lenon, author of “Zero Carbon Our Choice” and the blog with the same name, who manages 16 acres of Wiltshire woodland and is the treasurer of the Chelsea Society, will on Tuesday 27 April talk about how a range of building techniques and products can help the move to net zero carbon.

He will talk about RBKC’s consultation on net zero carbon and planning, renewable energy and non-carbon heating. He will go into more detail on the pros and cons of air source heat pumps, solar tiles versus solar panels, and passive ventilation versus air conditioning. He will dig into the alignment of buildings, the problems of high buildings and light and the lifetime carbon of a building – should buildings be re-used rather than demolished?

Finally, he will look at what RBKC can do to encourage us, and what we can do to help ourselves. 

This will be a great follow-on from the last lecture on electric vehicles, so do join us.

Sadly, because of Covid, we cannot hold this meeting in the Town Hall, as we would have done normally. So instead this will be an on-line talk. 

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The BedZED village in South London is an early example of zero-carbon homes. The project, which is UK’s first large-scale, mixed-use sustainable community, comprises 100 homes, office space, a college and community facilities, and was completed in 2002. You can read more about it here. Picture courtesy Tom Chance (CC BY 2.0)

An interesting video showing the installation of passive air ventilation in Greenwich to help tenants experience fresh, healthy homes, without any additional electricity use or noisy fans, and what the tenants think of it.

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