Our main planning activities

Planning consultations: we participate in national and local planning consultations including proposals to change the national, London-wide and Borough planning policies.

Planning applications: we review the weekly planning list issued by the council of all the planning applications and planning appeals and respond when necessary.

Member assistance: we study specific planning applications which our members ask for assistance – although we are not professional advisers in planning.

Dialogue with councillors and planning department: we meet often with the planning department officers and councillors. We comment on changes of procedures and try to make sure that views of residents are heard and understood.

Sounding Board: we meet with our affiliated local residents and conservation societies to discuss planning issues important to us and agree actions to be taken. We also refer to affiliated group’s planning applications which may affect their area.

The planning process

This page explains how the council deals with planning applications, from the stage before an application is submitted until the final decision. Information is given on each stage together with actions points and guidance to deal with supporting or objecting to applications, as well as how to make representations to a planning committee

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The government requires that the local authorities consult the public, the “stakeholders”, when developing or altering certain policies or plans. The Kensington Society is very active in the consultation process. As this is the front-end of the planning process, it is important that there is early engagement with us as well as any of the local “affected” parties.

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Planning news

Page updated 16/07/2021