On Walmer Road, directly north of Pottery Lane, the last remaining bottle kiln in the “Potteries” became a protected monument in 1966.

The walk starts from the Holland Park tube station. You can click the plus sign at the right for a closer view.

Update 16 June 2017:

Following the tragic fire in Grenfell Tower we feel that out of respect both to the dead as well as the living and to the community that we should cancel the Notting Dale walk on Tuesday.  The walk would have given us some insight into the history of the area, which is architecturally interesting but also one of the poorest in the nation.  However, the walk was to go very close to the area, and the charred building would have been a constant, towering reminder of the horrible disaster. This is from one of our members who lives a nearby:

“It looks like something from a horror movie glowering over everything and before they had completely put the fire out, the middle floors glowed like a beating heart. I still find it frightening to look at. One of the most impressive things here is the silence. Even when the road is full of the press you can hear a pin drop because of the horror of it all”.

The community response has been overwhelming, with all churches, mosques and even local estate agents accepting donations, and there is no more need for clothes, toys and bedding. Instead, what is now needed is money. We can, of course, refund those who have already booked, but may I instead be allowed to donate that money to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation in the name of our members?

The foundation has set up a fund to raise money to help the families, and the response has been amazing.  Here is the link if you want to donate as an individual:


Yours sincerely

Amanda Frame